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Gratz™ Equipment

At the Pilates Center of Oklahoma, you won't just do exercises; you will follow a method tailored to the needs of your body.  The Pilates Center of Oklahoma is a fully equipped studio using Gratz equipment to provide you the best sessions possible.  Joseph Pilates was a genius well beyond his time.  He didn't just develop a brilliant approach to exercise; he also engineered all the equipment, specifications, and tuning required to facilitate them properly. Gratz Industries is the original manufacturer of the Pilates apparati and is the the industry's established  source for authentic equipment.  


Choosing the very best equipment is critical to successful pilates and I am proud to say I have the best. 

The Pilates apparatus is unique in its appearance and function.  The equipment can provide resistance and assistance during an exercise, thus both challenging and supporting the body as it learns to move more efficiently.  


This slideshow shows most of the aparati used at The Pilates Center of Oklahoma.

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