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Meet Laura

Missouri State University BFA

Second Generation Romana Kryzanowska instructor

The Pilates Guild teacher certification Program 1998

Stott Pilates Certification 2001 Level I & II Reformer Mat, CCB and ISB

Training and Experience

I have a background in dance, anatomy, kinesiology, physiology, body conditioning, and injury prevention.  I give continuing education seminars to physical therapists, ocupational therapists, certified athletic trainers and massage therapists.  My clientele has ranges from dancers and professional athletes to persons with Multiple Sclerosis to the average person looking to improve their physical well-being.  I spent one year teaching in Dallas, TX,

two years at the University of Oregon, and one year at the University of Central Oklahoma. 

Being certified by Romana Kryzanowska has been among the most gratifying experiences in my professional life.  In order to complete my certification with Romana, I completed a rigorous program entaining seminar training, anatomy, three oral and writen exams, and more than 800 hours of apprenticeship under the supervision of Juanita Lopez and Romana.  Romana was Joseph Pilates protege and carried on his legacy until her death in 2013. Being certified by Romana ensures the highest quality instructor training program in the Pilates industry, and my experiences learning from Pilates' protege along with many other wonderful and accomplished instructors has given me the inspiration and the tools necessary to teach Pilates the way Joseph intended. Romana certified instructors teach the highest standard of Pilates. 

The field of Pilates is continuously enriched by ongoing research in exercise science, biomechanics, and rehabilitation principles.  I participate in continuing education and training in order to incorporate new ideas and techniques into individual sessions. Pilates is only as good as the teacher, and good teachers can only come from good training.  If you are considering taking a Pilates class and want the best training available, please be sure to ask your from where and from whom they received certification. 


I am a sustainer of The Junior League of Oklahoma City and Alpha Delta Pi Alumni Association. 

My Husband and I have three beautiful, thoughtful, and loving children who are active in football, basketball, cheer, dance, softball. 

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