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Private Sessions

Introductory Session

At your first pilates session, you will complete a client information form and we will discuss your current physical activities and your expectation of Pilates.

This is a private session aimed at providing a complete physical assessment of your body alignment, posture, strength, flexibility, balance and coordination.  Programs are then tailored according to the findings of the assessment and your needs, goals and ability.  I encourage at least ten sessions so you are able to get a better understanding of Pilates.

Private Sessions 

Private sessions give you all my attention and are required with new clients.  One-on-one instruction provides valuable knowledge of the principles and terminology relevant to Pilates.  Private sessions consist of apparatus, mat work, and any specialized exercises to address your body's needs, allowing me to give you personal instruction so that you can build strength, control and balance before progressing to the more advanced exercises.  Private sessions are also ideal for individuals with special needs.

Semi-Private Sessions 

With experience and instructor approval, two clients may workout alongside one another.  Most clients require approximately 20 private sessions before enrolling in a semi-private session.

Mat Classes 

Are you sure you are getting enough attention in your overcrowded mat class?  Chances are you ARE NOT.  Performing Pilates incorrectly can do more harm to the body than good!  Matwork offers insight into the foundation of the method, and is highly recommended.  Matwork is a wonderful addition to the program for home training or as a warm-up for other activities.  The Pilates mat exercises are generally more subtle than most conditioning classes.  To ensure that you are receiving the best attention, class size will be limited to 4-8 people.  

*Currently there are no mat classes being offered.

Workout Attire

Please wear comfortable exercise clothes (they may be loose fitting but not bulky).  Shoes and socks are generally not worn.

Because some of my clients suffer from environmental allergies, I request that you refrain from using perfume in my studio. Thank you.

*Please come 10 minutes early to your first session to allow time for paperwork.

*You should consult your healthcare professional before beginning any exercise program.

Studio Policy 

All sessions require appointments except for mat classes.  Each session is 50 to 55 minutes long.  Booking an appointment in advance will assure the best chance of your preferred time.


All cancellations must be within a full 24-hour period to avoid being charged for your scheduled session.  If you arrive late you will be granted the remainder of the lesson.  If you are a regularly scheduled client and you are constantly late, canceled, or no-show, you will be dropped at my discretion.

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