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Mission Statement
To acquire efficient movement patterns through mind/body connection in a supportive environment through competent and tailored instruction, while preserving the theoritical foundation of Joseph Pilates' methodology. 

Established in April of 2001 by owner/operator, Laura Wren, The Pilates Center of Oklahoma, Llc provides the highest standard of Pilates Guild® instruction.

The Pilates Method of body conditioning developed in the 1920's by the legendary physical trainer, Joseph H. Pilates, is a full body exercise methodology.  Pilates developes and enhances strength, flexibility, control, and alignment of

the body.  By focusing on proper alignment and form, emphasizing quality of movement over quality, these exercises create improved postural habits.  Combined with proper eating habits and cardiovascular exercise, Pilates also beautifully scuplts your body.  As an instructor, I combine the original Pilates Methodology with knowledge of bio mechanics to create a total body workout that strengthens, tones, increases flexibility and improves posture.  

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